Seeking patterns across huge volumes of health care data, KenSci aims to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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KenSci, a Seattle company with ambitions to use artificial intelligence to help deal with some of the health care system’s biggest challenges, received a $22 million cash infusion from investors, it said Thursday.

The company aims to find patterns across broad swaths of health care data, looking at hundreds of variables to predict who is likely to get sick or readmitted to hospitals, providing the opportunity for early intervention and cost savings.

The funding, which follows an $8.5 million investment raised in 2017, will support tighter integration with KenSci’s health system customers, product development and expansion, the company said. KenSci has worked with customers including NHS Scotland and Singapore Health Promotion Board, the company said.

KenSci investors include Polaris Partners, along with earlier backers Bellevue-based Ignition Partners, Osage University Partners and Mindset Ventures.

Correction: This story was updated to correct inaccurate information provided by the company. The name of Osage University Partners was corrected and a reference to customer Kaiser Permanente was removed.