Vicis, which aims to create a football helmet that will protect against concussions, raised the money as part of a larger Series A financing round.

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Seattle startup Vicis has raked in more private money to continue building a football helmet that aims to reduce the risk of concussions in players.

The company, co-founded by neurosurgeon Dr. Samuel Browd, is developing a helmet called Zero1. It is designed to act much like a car bumper by absorbing the force from a crash, or in this case, a tackle.

Vicis raised a $4 million round of funding Thursday from more than 60 investors, including neurosurgeons and spine surgeons. The company is not disclosing the names of the individuals.

That brings total funding to more than $14 million for the startup, which will reach its third birthday later this year. Vicis also received a $750,000 grant from an NFL competition.

The South Lake Union startup is not slowing down any time soon. The funding round announced Thursday is part of a larger Series A financing round expected to raise $6 million within the next couple months.

Zero1 carries a price tag of about $1,500 — a number far above most helmets on the market — but the founders expect the price to come down. Vicis’ helmet has held up much better than traditional models when it comes to blunting force.

Head trauma is a big issue in football. The NFL said in January that the number of reported concussions in 2015 reached 182 incidents, the highest number in the past four years.