Rover’s new app features will track your dog’s walk and potty breaks on a map.

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Rover wants to make sure there’s no need to worry ever again if Toto had his walk in today.

Seattle company, which offers a marketplace for pet owners across the U.S. to find dog sitters and dog walkers, debuted a new tracking tool in its app Monday. The feature is meant to give dog owners peace of mind while they’re away.

The tool traces dog walkers’ routes on a virtual map so owners can see exactly where and how long their dog exercised. It also allows the dog walker to tap to make quick notes about Toto’s potty breaks and any other messages the walker wants to pass along.

Rover launched the service Monday after releasing its first Rover Trends Report, a survey of dog owners that found more than 80 percent of owners are concerned that their dog walker has “cut corners.”

“About 92 percent of dog owners have done something to try to comfort themselves that they’ve gotten walked,” Rover chief operating officer Brent Turner said. ”About half would ask a neighbor.”

Rover built the features into its existing app after hearing concerns time and again from dog owners.

After the walk is complete, Rover’s app sends the owner a Rover Card, named for a report card, that shows a map of the walk, pictures of the pet and any notes the dog walker wanted to pass along.

Turner said the company expects dog walkers not to feel monitored but rather to be pleased by the app because “it removes the one barrier of trust that’s out there.”

Rover, which has its dog-friendly headquarters in downtown Seattle, has 150 employees and says 65,000 pet sitters use its service.