The financing was disclosed in a securities filing Thursday, a month before the Redmond startup plans to officially launch sales of its flat-panel antennas.

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Redmond startup Kymeta has pulled in $73.6 million from investors, according to a securities filing Thursday, one month before the company plans to officially launch sales of its flat-panel antennas.

Kymeta’s antennas are a smaller, less expensive technology designed to bring high-speed internet to cars, boats, trains — anything that moves. The company, which spun out of patent-licensing company Intellectual Ventures, has been developing and testing the technology for the past five years.

The heavily funded startup raised $62 million in a funding round last year from Bill Gates and other investors.

Kymeta did not immediately confirm the latest round Thursday. A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission indicated the funding is all equity.

Kymeta partnered with satellite company Intelsat last month to offer internet data plans directly to customers who want to replace their traditional large satellite dish with Kymeta’s flat antenna.

The antenna is about the size of a stop sign and uses metamaterial technology coupled with inexpensive sensors to communicate with the nearest satellite. Antennas cost about $15,000 each.

Kymeta is working on ways to incorporate its antenna into cars so vehicles can always be connected to the internet, no matter where they are.