ReachNow will now have 700 vehicles in the city of Seattle.

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BMW’s car-sharing service now covers all parts of the city of Seattle after an expansion Tuesday brought ReachNow to several remaining unserved neighborhoods.

The service, which lets drivers reserve and rent BMW vehicles off the street, launched this spring downtown and in other parts of central Seattle. It has been expanding throughout the year, and Tuesday reached neighborhoods in South Seattle and North Seattle that previously had been unserved.

ReachNow is adding 180 cars to its Seattle fleet to bolster the new neighborhoods, bringing its total number of free-floating cars in the city to 700. Fifty of the new additions will be BMW X1s, a small SUV.

ReachNow lets drivers use an app to find and reserve cars, which they can then drive and park in any legal spot within all of Seattle. ReachNow pays the city of Seattle for parking permits each year to allow the cars to park.

Before Tuesday, ReachNow vehicles could be parked as far south as Columbia City and as far north as Northgate.

The company, a division of BMW based in Seattle, announced recently it is testing a ride-hailing service, similar to Uber or Lyft.

ReachNow also said Tuesday it is lowering the age of drivers eligible to join the service from 21 to 18.