Centeris says that its newest customer, CHT Global, would enable U.S. companies to use computing facilities in Taiwan.

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A massive data center that opened its doors in Puyallup in March is partnering with Chunghwa Telecom Global to provide fast access between the U.S. and Taiwan for companies in both regions.

Centeris announced Wednesday that its U.S. customers would be able to use CHT Global’s facilities in Taiwan to connect with Asia.

“While we can add considerable value for Asian companies looking to deepen their activity here in North America and beyond, our customers in turn can benefit from having an established gateway in Asia provided by a proven leader in CHT,” Centeris board director Simon Lee said in a statement.

CHT Global is the U.S. subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom, the largest telecom provider in Taiwan.

Centeris opened the 86-acre data center in Puyallup to give businesses a direct connection to Asia, something the company said had not existed with built-out computing capabilities before the center.

Five U.S. companies were making use of the data center when it launched in March, and Centeris is attempting to add partners in every major Asian market.

The data center has 56,000 square feet to host servers and computing equipment, and the campus has room to expand if demand increases.