Pokémon Home, a cloud-service app for storing and looking up data on creatures from different Pokémon games, is arriving in February 2020. On Tuesday, Nintendo unveiled a new batch of information regarding its pricing and features. Nintendo’s U.S. headquarters is in Redmond.

Pokémon Home lets you store creatures you’ve caught in various Pokémon games, manage your collection, and trade them between titles and other players. When it releases next month, you can download Pokémon Home for free on your mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. The base experience will be free, but if you want access to the full suite of content, you’ll have to purchase a premium plan. Without paying, you can store 30 Pokémon at once; premium options upgrade that limit to 6,000. As a free user you have access to most features, but premium subscription holders also have higher trading limits, the ability to move Pokémon from the 3DS Pokémon Bank as well as the Judge function, which gives users on-demand information on how strong their Pokémon are.

The annual subscription costs $15.99, nearly as much as a Nintendo Switch Online subscription ($19.99). Quarterly ($4.99) and monthly ($2.99) subscriptions are available as well.

Aside from the increase in storage, premium users can transfer Pokémon to and from the Pokémon Bank and their Pokémon Home account, granting them the ability to conduct transfers with older Pokémon games. In the first month of its launch, this will be free before becoming an exclusive premium feature.

Pokémon Go compatibility is coming later, at an unspecified date. At launch, Pokémon Home can be used with Sword and Shield as well as Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

The National Pokédex, a glaring omission from recent Pokémon games, will have front and center placement in Pokémon Home, so that users can easily look up information and track their progress with whatever games the app is connected to. It comes with a large repository of information, such as which Pokémon have Gigantamax, Mega Evolve and what moves they can be taught. You can receive Mystery Gifts in the mobile app and deposit them in games as well.

Trading will play a major role, with various support for Wonder Box, Global Trade System (GTS) and Room trades. The more Pokémon you deposit, the more Home Points you can earn, which can later be exchanged for Battle Points (an in-game currency) in different Pokémon games. In a tab called Your Room, you can customize your profile with stickers and see information and news on connected games. The GTS will make a return in Pokémon Home, allowing greater specificity for which Pokémon to trade in comparison to Sword and Shield’s more limited system.