Neposmart aims to protect your home with an Internet-connected camera that can close your garage door from any device while you’re on-the-go.

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What: Neposmart, a Bellevue connected home company

Who: Richard Ang, founder and CEO

A forgetful mind: Ang left Microsoft in 2013 with the goal to do something with Internet of Things, he just wasn’t sure what. Then he left his garage door open while leaving his house. This happened several times.

Open door: “That’s the entry to our house,” Ang said. “It’s really like leaving your front door wide open.” He came up with a way to fix it.

Camera on guard: Using the home’s Internet connection, Neposmart’s $199 indoor camera and garage controller continuously watch the garage door. The homeowner can watch the live feed on a phone, laptop or tablet and remotely press a button to close the door if it’s open. Nepo­smart’s apps also send the customer a notification if the garage door is left open.

Self-serve option: All of Nepo­smart’s products are “self-serve” — that is, the company does not police video streams, nor does it contract with security companies. If customers see something or someone breaching their property, it is up to them to decide what action to take.

Beyond garages: Neposmart also sells a pair of cameras that emit infrared beams around the perimeter of the house. The customer can choose to be notified when something crosses the beam. The company’s technology can also open electronic gates and control a house’s intercom system and flood lights.

Privacy premium: Neposmart does not store a customer’s user name or password in its servers – meaning only customers can view their own video feed. It also means that forgetting a password requires a reset of the whole camera system.

Nest of competitors: The company faces some big names in Internet of Things, notably Alphabet company Nest. Ang acknowledges more competitors will likely follow, but said Neposmart’s approach to privacy sets it apart.

Fun fact: Neposmart, which employs six people in its Bellevue office, is named for the reverse of the word “open,” a nod to its original garage-door product.

— Rachel Lerman