Q: My Internet Explorer comes back on after I shut it off.

I have a HP Pavilion 590-P0024 Desktop running Window 10 and Internet Explorer-11 with Yahoo as the home page. It just restarts by itself and I need to shut it off again.

I have gone into tools and clicked the Reset button and still no help, I use five other browsers and don’t have the same problem. I use Internet Explorer because it runs best with my password Robo Form. I might have to change to another if I can’t stop this. I turn on my computer in the morning and turn it off at night.

Today I shut off Internet Explorer and went out, and hours later I came home and found my computer on the web. I didn’t like that.

— Douglas Barber

A: Yes, it would be disturbing to find a program launching itself! The most likely causes of your problem are malware and misbehaving browser add-ons. So the first thing to do is to run a full antivirus scan and malware scan.

Next, if that doesn’t turn up anything, try disabling all browser add-ons.


If the problem persists, I’d then try uninstalling and then reinstalling Internet Explorer or another browser.

Oh, and by the way, if your computer is connected to the Internet it is vulnerable whether your browser is running or not, so it’s important to always have malware protection.

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Q: Is there a simple way to notify the world that you are now using a new email address? I’m not talking about friends and contacts, I’m talking about all of the businesses, accounts, social media, etc. out there. It seems like a monumental task to identify and notify all of those entities of an email address change. Any suggestions you might have, for this less-than-tech-savvy “OK Boomer,” for accomplishing this task would be appreciated.

— Rob Boschee

A: Here’s as close as I can get you: You can send an email notifying all of your contacts of your new email address. In Microsoft Outlook, for example, you would do this by clicking on the “To” button and highlighting all your contacts in the window that pops open.

Unfortunately, there’s no way I know of to alert people who you don’t have an email address for in your contact list.

Alternatively, you can set your email program to automatically forward emails going to the old address to the new address. Again, the specific steps for doing so depend on the email program you’re using.


And if you’re moving to a new email address to get away from an overload of spam, mail forwarding won’t help you. While most email programs allow you to set rules for forwarding – such as only forwarding messages that have attachments or that are marked as “important” – there’s no rule for filtering spam.

My recommendation is to notify all your contacts of your new address and then periodically check your old email address for important messages. Eventually, you’ll likely find you no longer need to check the old address.

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Q: I had the same problem in Windows 7 as I am now having in Windows 10: When copying an item, I get a message about there being a limit of 24 items but the clipboard shows only 1 item, the last one I copied. There seems to be NO way I can empty the empty clipboard.

I had hoped changing to Windows 10 would solve that problem, but it showed up again today. Am I doing something wrong?

— Klaus Golombek

A: That is puzzling, since the clipboard is limited by amount of data rather than number of items.

Windows 10 offers an enhanced clipboard that makes it easy to see a history of your recent copies to the clipboard. And you can even set the clipboard to sync on your various devices.

At the same time, yes, there are a number of things that can cause the clipboard to behave in unexpected ways. Here’s a link to a pretty comprehensive guide from Guiding Tech