Analyzing Web data can be complicated and time-consuming. This Seattle startup aims to make it easier.

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What: Seattle startup MetricStory, which helps businesses quickly make sense of all their Web data

Who: Co-founder and CEO Joshua Gebhardt

Deluge of data: Gebhardt and co-founder Brandon Nutter worked at Analytics Pro, a Seattle company that helps businesses develop strategies from data analytics. The pair grew frustrated with the laboriousness of implementing analytics on a website and teaching companies how to understand the results.

The challenge: “The problem with all these analytics platforms is to make them work. You need so many different pieces of your team to work together in so many ways,” Gebhardt said. It took ages for marketers to understand the outcomes from analytics reports.

For the marketers: MetricStory seeks to make it easy for marketers to see exactly the data points they want in the analytics. For example, one customer, Frontier Airlines, may want to know which advertising campaign for different trips paid off best in new customers. With a couple of clicks, MetricStory’s system can have the answer.

Immediate action: MetricStory learns over time what each business is specifically interested in and dives deeper into each of those data points. It then sends automatically generated reports to the companies, in simple, understandable language. That way, Gebhardt says, companies can make immediate decisions based on the data rather than having to decode it first.

On the back end: MetricStory built a machine-learning system that determines what each business cares about, then deploys an algorithm to automatically find the data and decode it into simple language. Right now, the company works only with Google Analytics, but plans to expand soon to systems such as Omniture and Salesforce.

Funding plan: MetricStory, now a two-man operation, raised a $1.45 million seed round led by Elementum Ventures, with participation from local angels such as Rudy Gadre, Geoff Entress and Mike Galgon. Gebhardt and Nutter participated in Techstars Austin and now work out of the Galvanize co-working space in Pioneer Square. They plan to keep building out the product and hire their first employees with the funds.

— Rachel Lerman