The Kent School District will load Windows 10 onto 24,000 devices by the beginning of next school year.

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The Kent School District is adopting Microsoft’s newest operating system in a big way.

The district will implement Windows 10 on all 24,000 devices used in classrooms, libraries and offices in its 43 locations. The schools hope the upgrade will cut technology costs significantly by extending the life of current computers.

The announcement, which came in a Microsoft blog post Thursday, coincides with the launch of Microsoft Classroom, a management system for teachers the company is releasing to broaden its education business.

The Kent School District plans to load the operating system on its PCs and tablets by the start of the 2016-2017 school year.

“Upgrading to Windows 10 has actually been a way to get extra life out of our devices,” said Stosh Morency, interim chief information officer of the district, in a statement. “It’s not intuitive to think you can put a newer operating system on an older computer and it will actually run better.”

But that has been the case over the past several months while the district has been testing the system. Some devices will last five years instead of four, Morency said, potentially saving millions of dollars in technology costs.

Windows 10 also may enable the district to send some Surface tablets home with students over the summer, something they haven’t been able to do because the devices needed to be manually updated.

The Kent School District is a Microsoft Showcase School, meaning it gets early access to test products and receives training support from the company.