The company, which has its North American headquarters in Bellevue, disclosed the price and availability of the Vive at this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcleona.

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HTC’s highly anticipated Vive virtual reality headset will be available for pre-orders Feb. 29 for $799.

The Taiwan-based company, which has its North American headquarters in Seattle, disclosed the price for the first time on Sunday at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain, which takes place this week. HTC developed the headset with Bellevue gaming company Valve.

The companies have been testing the headset with gaming and educational organizations for some time, and avid consumers have been hungrily waiting to get their hands on the set.

The Vive ships with two wireless controllers, small sensors that map out the gaming space in a room, and the headset.

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HTC has also been working on beefing up the headset itself. The company announced a front-facing camera at CES in Las Vegas in January, and Sunday it said the headset will be able to send and receive both phone calls and text messages.

Both features are designed to make the user feel “connected to the real world without exiting the virtual world,” HTC said in a press release.

For a “limited time” the Vive will also come with two VR games — a futuristic robot simulator and a fantasy-building game that takes place on a floating island. HTC and Valve have made available a developers kit and the headset to numerous companies in the gaming, education, public safety and health-care fields to build content for the Vive.

Vive is one of the top talked-about VR headsets, an industry that has been emerging strongly in the past year.

Its main competition may be Facebook’s Oculus Rift, which the company said would be priced at $599 and will be released in April. The CES conference earlier in the year was crawling with VR companies, including many using the technology for educational and health care applications.

A recent study from Seattle’s PitchBook Data found that investors have poured $4 billion into VR companies since 2010.

Pre-orders for the Vive open at 7 a.m. Feb 29, and units are expected to ship in early April.