Q: Every time I view a picture, receive a picture and want to save it, or download a picture, my computer directs me to Paint3D. Sometimes, I want to simply save it in my picture file and other times I would like to edit it but it always ends up on Paint3D.

Some time ago, I vaguely remember the computer asking me if I want to save something in Paint3D and ever since, everything is directed to Paint 3D.

My question is: Can you tell me how to avoid saving my pictures in Paint3D. Secondly, could you suggest a program that allows me to edit my pictures other than Paint3D?

— Monica Shull

A: It sounds like your default program for image files was set to Paint3D. To change that, open the Control Panel and click on the Default Programs utility. In the window that opens click on the top choice, “Set your default programs.” Scroll down until you see “Photo Viewer” and you can change the app that is set for viewing image files.

As for photo-editing software, it all depends on what capabilities you need. For most basic types of editing you’ll find a number of free programs to choose from that are up to the task. Here’s a link to a recent roundup on Lifewire (https://st.news/photoedit).

Q: Last November I purchased a new LG GRAM with Windows 10. In March my red-colored desktop icons turned pink and the vertical pixels became much more prominent. The printed words on a page changed in color from black to purple to red (like a rainbow of colors in each word) and it was like reading double.

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I was aware Microsoft did a download on that day so I uninstalled that download. I uploaded any and all LG recommendations. Only once (the next time I rebooted) did the correct color, words and pixels return. Nothing changed after that one reboot. So I reinstalled the Microsoft update. Nothing I do seems to help. There is a “fix” on the internet but not from Microsoft or LG. Trying to download the “fix” sends Malwarebytes into orbit so was not done.


HELP! Do I just assume my graphics are corrupt and return my computer and get another?

— Betsy Freeman, Bellingham

A: Your computer should still be under warranty, so I’d contact LG right away. The problem is almost certainly with the graphics adapter in the device.

Q: Some time ago you provided a source for downloading Windows 10 (preferably the free version), and I am asking that you provide that info again. I did not keep The Seattle Times article.

Secondly, recently I choose Xfinity as a replacement for DirecTV/CenturyLink for the usual telephone/TV/internet source. However, Xfinity uses Norton Security (which I would have to download) and CenturyLink did it automatically. Is NS a good source for controlling virus issues and is it a free service? The folks at Xfinity could not answer that question. Is downloading/installing NS a challenge to install easily?

— John Marthens

A: Yes, both Xfinity and CenturyLink offer Norton security software as a free download. And that’s smart on their part. My guess is that they more than recover the cost in savings from not having to troubleshoot customers’ hacked or virus-ridden computers connected to their services.

And yes, the software is very easy to install. I urge you to do so!

Information about a free Windows 10 update can be found at ZDNet (https://st.news/2ubDPzz).