Four companies in the Puget Sound region are included in a list of the best places to work by the job website Indeed.

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Online-hiring site Indeed has released a list of the top 50 companies to work for, and not all are booming tech companies known for high salaries and workplace perks.

Indeed’s study of its more than 10 million employee reviews found that compensation had the weakest link with overall job satisfaction. Salary was a big factor, but more important was the somewhat-undefinable measurement of “culture” of the company and management.

Austin-based Indeed included only Fortune 500 companies with more than 25 reviews in the study.

Four Seattle-area companies made the list, including No. 14 Costco, which is known for its high minimum wage. Redmond tech giant Microsoft came in at No. 42, followed by Starbucks at No. 47 and Boeing at No. 48.

Salesforce took the top spot on the list, followed by Southwest Airlines, which is known for its recruiting policy that ranks employee attitude higher than skill level, which the company says can be taught.

Another study Indeed recently released, of hiring done by tech companies in the Seattle area, suggested that companies are having an easier time hiring because more people are moving to the region.