The Seattle company started off by working to get its location-sharing technology into automobiles. Now it’s seeking to expand its partnerships with other kinds of enterprises.

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What: Seattle startup Glympse, a location-sharing service.

Who: Co-founder and CEO Bryan Trussel

Microsoft connection: Trussel launched Glympse in 2008 after nearly 15 years at Microsoft, most recently as the company’s director of casual games. He joined with fellow Microsofties Steve Miller and Jeremy Mercer to launch the company.

No intimidation: Glympse started with a goal of working with auto companies — the Mercedes and BMWs of the world, Trussel said. It has since done a “clean sweep” of automakers, he said, with its technology integrated into some Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo and other cars. In many models, drivers can access Glympse technology from the dashboard.

Consumer connections: Glympse also has a free app that lets consumers share their location with whomever they wish. The app helps build a customer base, Trussel said, but the company’s revenue comes from partnering with other companies.

Waiting for the cable guy: Glympse recently partnered with both Comcast and Time Warner Cable so that customers are able to see where “the cable guy” is on his route and avoid spending all day waiting at home. Glympse also inked a partnership with Samsung to integrate its technology into the Galaxy S7 mobile phone.

Pizza tracking: The company is continuing its push into the enterprise delivery world, testing a location-sharing system with Pizza Hut.It is also testing partnerships with a couple of undisclosed package-delivery companies.

Privacy is premium: Glympse’s app and embedded technologies share your location only when you specifically direct it to and only with people you choose. The app does not require a login or any personally identifying information, and Glympse doesn’t keep any information about your trip or whereabouts after the user-specified time limit has expired.

Enterprise boom: Glympse’s partnerships with a growing number of businesses mean the company has been growing fast. The team added 10 people in the past seven months, bringing to 34 employees, headquartered in the Chophouse Row building on Capitol Hill. It plans to hire 14 more by the end of the year.

Coming up: Glympse has raised about $22 million from investors and plans to expand its partnerships with Internet of Things companies to get location sharing into as many connected devices as possible. Trussel envisions a world where a small screen on your refrigerator can show you where family members are and when they will be home.

— Rachel Lerman