Q: My teenage daughter does not know her Gmail/Google password. It was saved in her old iPhone but that phone became unusable. And she did not back up her saved passwords in iCloud.

We tried the Google recovery process. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to get over the hump to the point where it accepts her inputs and resets the password. From everything I’ve read this appears to be a lost cause (unless we pay $100 to fix the old phone).

Are you aware of any other options or do we give up and move on to a new email?

— Jim Becker

A: I’m afraid I don’t know of a way to recover a Gmail account apart from Google’s process.

That said, I’m going to make a pitch to you and to readers to invest in a good password manager. There are actually free password managers that do a good job of allowing you to store your passwords and access them remotely if you forget one. They can also be used to automatically enter passwords when you’re trying to access a site.

Some password managers can automatically create and store strong passwords, the kind that are really hard to guess and to remember.


I spend a little money ($4 a month) for a family version of LastPass that allows six users. It also allows you to selectively share passwords with others on the plan.

Another neat feature is one that lets trusted users access all of your passwords if you don’t block them from doing so within a set amount of time after they try to do so. You specify what that time period is, hours or months. This feature is really important if you have critical account information your family will need in the (inevitable) event that you die or are incapacitated.

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Q: I was an early adopter of Windows 10 for the reasons you gave last Sunday.

My problem is getting peripherals to work with Windows 10 at all, much less as well as they worked with Windows 7.

I finally gave up on trying to make my HP printer work reliably and bought an HP Envy 5055, which does work pretty well.

My Logitech WebCam C310 worked beautifully with Windows 7. I could not get it to work at all with Windows 10. Based on the advice of a local retailer, I upgraded to a Logitech C525 camera. This has been a great disappointment. I can get it to take pictures but for some reason it cannot store them. Yesterday I did get a couple pictures and actually found them. Today it isn’t working as well.


Overall Windows 10 seems to be terribly finicky. Support for it is pretty horrible from Logitech, HP and Microsoft.

I would sincerely appreciate any advice you care to offer.

— Thomas J. Walz, Fircrest

A: Frankly, I haven’t had any problems with Windows 10 and my peripherals. And I have a lot of peripherals.

That said, if you’re having troubles you’ll find ways to resolve most of them here: st.news/windows10help

For those who have an older program that won’t work properly with Windows 10, you can try Windows 10’s Compatibility Troubleshooter.

Open that Windows support page above. Then, first, in the search box on the taskbar, type the name of the program or app you want to troubleshoot. Next, right-click and select “Open file location.” When you locate the program file in question, right-click on it, select “Properties,” and then click on the “Compatibility” tab. Finally, click on “Run compatibility troubleshooter.”