The Seattle startup aims to make its system accessible to many households, not just those in high-end custom homes.

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Imagine shutting off the lights in your house with a simple tap on one switch as you walk out the front door.

Seattle startup Deako wants to bring smart light switches to new houses, regardless of the price of the home.

The company raised $1.8 million from Seattle angel investors this week, bringing its total funding to $3.3 million since November.

Deako, which has a 15-person team, is working with homebuilders in Seattle to install the technology in 1,000 new-construction houses by the end of 2017. The homes will range in price from $250,000 to $1.5 million.

CEO and co-founder Derek Richardson said the company wanted to make a system accessible to many families, not just people buying high-end custom homes. The systems will sell for a “fraction” of the cost of smart light-switch systems currently on the market. Existing systems from other companies sell for about $30,000 in high-end homes, Richardson said.

Deako’s system consists of rectangular, flat light switches that can be controlled by touch, much like a phone screen, or by an app on your phone.

“The switches look cool and modern, and you can change them at any time,” Richardson said.

Deako, which recently completed tech accelerator Y Combinator, has been through several iterations of the system and plans to have a product to sell by the end of the year.