Cray will use its newest supercomputer to offer a subscription-based service that assesses the risk of cyber attacks.

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Seattle supercomputer company Cray is teaming up with professional-services firm Deloitte to launch a product that will assess cyberthreat risks and help companies and agencies prevent attacks.

The Cyber Reconnaissance and Analytics service will be offered on a subscription basis, meaning companies won’t have to buy equipment. The model is a first for Cray, which specializes in large, powerful supercomputers.

The cyber-analytics software gathers available data on all aspects of a company and its employees, then produces a report that shows organizations where they have potential weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers.

A few public agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense, are using the service to see early warnings and indicators of possible attacks, said Gordon Hannah, cyber reconnaissance and analytics leader for Deloitte Advisory cyber-risk services.

Its first private business customer is starting the service later this month, Hannah said.

Cray and Deloitte declined to name a price for the service, saying that it can vary widely depending on the size of the organization using it and what exact features each customer wants included.

Organizations can subscribe to the service without purchasing one of Cray’s supercomputers. Cray will partner with Deloitte to power the product.

“The systems will either be hosted within Cray’s or Deloitte’s facilities. The customer doesn’t have to make any capital purchase of equipment,” Cray Chief Strategy Officer Barry Bolding said, adding that companies can choose to buy supercomputers if they want to use the system full time.

Deloitte will collect the data from multiple sources that are available without accessing internal systems, and Cray’s Urika-GX system will process it to produce a risk report.

Cray released the Urika-GX, a smaller supercomputer aimed for business customers, in May.