The company says it is launching the high-speed residential service in the first few months of next year.

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Comcast is launching a gigabit internet service in Seattle next year that may be more suited for home users than its current options.

The company announced it is launching the high-speed residential service in the first few months of 2017. Comcast currently offers Gigabit Pro in Seattle, which delivers speeds of 2 gigabits per second, and requires professional installation.

Comcast started testing its 1 gig service last year in its home base of Philadelphia. The advantage to other gig services, it says, is they don’t require heavy installation. Rather than laying new fiber cables, the 1 Gig Internet service delivers fast speeds using existing cables.

Customers will need to rent or buy a new modem that’s compatible with Docsis 3.1 technology.

“We have made significant technology and network deployments, which will allow us to deliver some of the fastest Internet speeds without our having to tear up streets or rewire a customer’s home,” Kyle McSlarrow, senior vice president with Comcast in Washington, said in a statement.

The service will be available to anyone in Seattle who lives in a Comcast service area, which covers the majority of the city.

Internet providers have been steadily increasing availability to such high-speed services in recent years as internet streaming becomes more popular and accepted.

Comcast said it hasn’t decided on firm prices for Seattle yet. Similar services in Atlanta and Chicago cost about $140 each month without a contract. There’s also an option in those regions to get a promotional price of $70 per month for three years with a contract.

Comcast also announced it is launching the service in Portland, San Francisco, Denver and several other cities early next year.