Coding Dojo will hold more than 30 free workshops this year at its six campuses, from Seattle to Washington D.C., to help Amazon spread the word on how to write code for Alexa.

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“Alexa, call me an Uber.” “Alexa, set a timer for 15 minutes.” “Alexa, what’s the weather like?”

Amazon’s artificial-intelligence assistant Alexa can already perform more than 13,000 skills, or programmed commands and responses created either within Amazon or by outside developers. Now Amazon has joined with a local coding school to encourage developers to build more commands for its voice-powered technology.

Amazon and Bellevue-based Coding Dojo created curriculum to teach software developers how to work with its system. Coding Dojo will hold more than 30 free workshops this year at its six campuses from Seattle to Washington D.C.

The four-hour workshops will teach 1,500 developers how to use the Alexa Skills Kit and to interact with the JavaScript framework. Participants don’t necessarily need coding skills, but a basic knowledge of Python is recommended, Coding Dojo said.

Amazon decided early on to let third-party developers create skills for Alexa, which is most commonly used on its Echo speaker system.

“Every day we see developers creating unique voice-first customer experiences on Alexa,” Rob Pulciani, director of Alexa, said in a statement. “The program with Coding Dojo will enable even more developers to see how easy it is to get started building for voice.”

Coding Dojo also teaches 14-week-long “coding boot camp” courses, in a program the organization says gets people ready to work in computer-science jobs.