Car2Go will replace 200 Smart cars with Mercedes CLA and GLA models.

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Get ready to see more Mercedes and fewer Smart cars zooming around Seattle.

Car2Go, the car-sharing service owned by Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler, is adding CLA and GLA cars to its Seattle fleet starting today.

Car2Go plans to add 200 Mercedes vehicles to Seattle’s fleet by the end of February. The new cars will replace aging Smart cars, and Seattle’s fleet will stay at 750 vehicles total.

Adding luxury vehicles will put Car2Go on the same vehicle level as local competitor ReachNow, a division of BMW. ReachNow’s service works similarly – people can reserve a car using an app, and drive throughout the city of Seattle. All of ReachNow’s cars are BMWs.

But Car2Go’s new additions are not a response to the competition, Seattle general manager Michael Hoitink said. The company tested Mercedes cars in Canada in 2015 and has been working on adding them since.

The four-door cars will give drivers more options, he said, especially if people are traveling with a bigger group or with bags that won’t fit in the Smart cars.

Renting Car2Go’s Mercedes will start at 41 cents per minute, the same price it charges for Smart cars. After a promotional period, the rate will rise to 49 cents per minute.

Austin-based Car2Go is also adding Mercedes in its home city, as well as in Portland, Toronto, Vancouver, B.C., and Washington, D.C.

Car2Go has 85,000 members in Seattle, its largest group in the U.S.