The move and sale of the online retailer of electronics are the latest moves in Blucora’s transition to become a financial-services technology company.

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Bellevue-based Blucora is moving its headquarters to Irving, Texas, and announced Tuesday it will sell its Monoprice business for $40 million, the latest moves in its shift to a financial-services technology company.

The Bellevue office, which has about 35 workers, is closing in June. The “vast majority” of the employees are not moving to Texas, a spokeswoman said.

That includes Chief Financial Officer Eric Emans, who will help the transition throughout 2017 before leaving. Blucora is searching for a new CFO.

Blucora sold its online search business InfoSpace earlier this year, months after it bought financial-services company HD Vest and announced its new focus. HD Vest is based in Irving, a suburb of Dallas.

InfoSpace, which has about 100 employees, remains in Bellevue as a part of purchaser OpenMail.

Monoprice, an online retailer for electronics based in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., will become part of YFC-BonEagle, a Taiwanese company that sells power cables. Monoprice’s 200 employees will join YFC-BonEagle. Blucora will use the cash from the sale to pay off some of its debt.

“This announcement marks the final step in our transformation to a financial- solutions firm,” said Blucora CEO John Clendening.

Blucora, once known as InfoSpace, was a rising dot-com stock star. A 2005 investigation by The Seattle Times found the company deceived the public by making itself look more successful than it was.