The company is in “stealth mode,” says exec listed in the SEC filing about the funding.

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Peter Thompson, a biotechnology investor and a University of Washington affiliate professor, is launching a biotech startup in Bellevue while netting $10 million for the firm Tuesday.

The company, Silverback Therapeutics, filed Securities and Exchange Commission documents stating the company had raised $10 million of a larger $60 million round.

Thompson, who is the only executive listed in the filing, said Tuesday the company is in “stealth mode” and declined to give details on the company’s work or how many employees it has.

Thompson is a private equity partner at OrbiMed Advisors, an investment firm based in San Francisco and New York that focuses on health care and biotech. He hinted Tuesday that OrbiMed is involved with Silverback, saying that founding a company and investing in it are “not mutually exclusive.”

Thompson, an affiliate professor of neurosurgery at the UW, joined that department in 2011. He is a board-certified doctor in internal medicine and oncology and advises the university on neuro-oncology and technology matters.

Previously, Thompson was the co-founder of Seattle-based Trubion Pharmaceuticals, a public companyacquired by Emergent BioSolutions in 2010. The company developed a drug for rheumatoid-arthritis patients.

Thompson also co-founded Cleave BioSciences and sits on the boards of several biotech companies.