The company, WG Cells, was owned by Wargaming, a publisher based in Cyprus. WG Cells’ titles include “Loot & Legends” and “Fantastic Plastic Squad.”

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WG Cells, a mobile video game studio, is shutting its Bellevue office and laying off the 64 people who work there, the company told Washington state’s workplace regulator.

The studio focused exclusively on smartphone and tablet titles, a fast growing but fiercely competitive corner of the video gaming market.

David Bluhm, CEO of WG Cells, told GeekWire that the studio was closing because parent company Wargaming had determined the cost of operating the studio was too high. “Mobile gaming is a very difficult market right now,” he said.

Wargaming, a Cyprus-based publisher that also has offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia, said in a statement that the firm had decided to “consolidate its efforts in other locations and around other in-house teams which operate closer to or in key growing mobile markets.”

A spokeswoman declined to comment on whether any employees laid off in Bellevue would be eligible for positions elsewhere in the company.

She said Wargaming was “fully committed to growing in the Seattle area,” citing the company’s Redmond studio, formerly Gas Powered Games, and a technology development center in Kirkland.

WG Cells’ games include “Loot & Legends” and “Fantastic Plastic Squad.” Their most recent game, “Smash Squad,” was released last month.