Under the new feature, users of Avvo’s website can purchase a package to have a lawyer, say, review a contractor agreement or help apply for U.S. citizenship for a fixed price.

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Avvo, the Seattle online legal marketplace, wants you to stop fearing lawyers.

Or, at least, stop fearing lawyer’s prices.

The online legal marketplace launched a service Tuesday that allows people to purchase legal “packages” for a set price and get connected with a lawyer in your state within one day.

Website users can spend $149 to have a lawyer review a contractor agreement, for example. Or they can shell out $595 to apply for U.S. citizenship.

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“Most people don’t know what lawyers do but think they cost a lot of money and they’re egotistical,” Avvo CEO Mark Britton said. “People avoid lawyers … but here, the price is right there telling you exactly what the lawyer is going to do for you.”

Avvo provides reviews of lawyers and discussions of common legal questions on its website. The company launched its first fixed-price service in 2014 with Avvo Advisor, which lets people pay $39 for a 15-minute phone call with a lawyer.

Avvo Legal Services is aimed at being the next evolution of the growing company, which raised a $71.5 million funding round last summer and moved into larger offices downtown last month.

Britton, himself a lawyer, is adamant that people should use lawyers as often (or nearly as often) as they use doctors.

The other side of the equation has been easier. Avvo already has thousands of lawyers in 18 states signed up to take part in the fixed-price model.

The company has set prices for more than 7,500 individual services.

Customers pay Avvo, then Avvo passes the money along to the lawyer, minus a marketing fee. For example, a customer might pay Avvo $199 to review a divorce agreement; Avvo would take a $50 marketing fee and give the rest to the lawyer.

Britton said Avvo’s test of the new service showed the most sought-after advice involved small-business issues and immigration counsel.

Avvo has had a fair share of lawsuits leveraged against it by lawyers who are unhappy with being reviewed online. But the company sees it as more of an occupational hazard, and continues wading through the legal market.