T-Mobile CEO John Legere's cookbook is a spinoff from the success of his Facebook Live show "Slow Cooker Sunday."

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Perhaps you feel like whipping up some beer-braised short ribs with a side of advice for finding purpose in your career. Or maybe you’re in the mood for tomato basil chicken stew with a chaser of learning how to acknowledge top performers at your company.

If so, T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s new cookbook, which comes chock-full of business advice, may be right for you.

Legere’s book includes 52 recipes from his popular “Slow Cooker Sunday” show, which he started in 2016 and streams on Facebook Live most weekends. Legere who, yes, does indeed have a magenta slow cooker and magenta mixing bowls also includes advice on how to be an entrepreneur.

His lessons include “Shut up and listen! In the office” followed on the next page by “Shut up and listen! In the kitchen.” Both offer the general advice to listen to those around you and be willing to learn.

Legere has made a name for himself as a social-media savvy, outspoken chief executive who often berates T-Mobile’s competitors and their leaders. His long hair and casual dress set him apart from other executives in the traditionally conservative telecom industry but don’t mask the fact that under his leadership, T-Mobile has morphed from a faltering business to the fast-growing No. 3 U.S. telecom company that is attempting to acquire its smaller competitor, Sprint.

Legere’s cookbook, “#SlowCookerSunday — Leadership, Life and Slow Cooking” comes with a forward by acclaimed homemaking-lifestyle entrepreneur Martha Stewart, who praises the CEO for “taking chances” with his cooking — and advertising, which once included a T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial that featured her and Snoop Dogg.

T-Mobile said profits from book sales will be donated to Feeding America, a hunger relief charity.

Here’s a sample of Legere’s Slow Cooker Sunday on Facebook from Jan. 7, 2018. After the intro, he makes his favorite – pot roast.