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NEW YORK (AP) — Customers of the large regional bank SunTrust are experiencing a third day of outages and difficulties from its online banking services, a particular problem for its customers in North and South Carolina who are currently dealing with Hurricane Florence.

SunTrust’s online banking services went down on Sunday morning after a routine technical upgrade. As of Tuesday afternoon, the bank says services have been mostly been restored but some customers are still experiencing issues.

The bank says it will refund any ATM or overdraft fees incurred by customers during the outage and branches still are operating normally, with the exception of a handful of branches located in North Carolina impacted by the storm.

“We apologize to our clients and regret the frustration this has caused,” a bank spokeswoman said in a statement.

While large banks on occasion have online banking outages, it is uncommon for those outages to last more than a day.

Atlanta-based SunTrust is the 12th largest bank in the U.S., holding nearly $200 billion in assets and operating more than 1,200 branches, located almost entirely in the South.