A collection of the #FirstSevenJobs of some Seattleites, including an award-winning chef, a web entrepreneur and a “Jeopardy” champ.

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Thousands of people have been sharing their #FirstSevenJobs on Twitter, leading to all kinds of insights and inspirations. Buzz Aldrin, for example, was a dishwasher and camp counselor before landing on the moon. And Stephen Colbert went through a series of odd-jobs, including cafeteria server, library data entry and futon-frame maker before landing the full-time gigs on TV that have made him famous.

Here’s a collection of the #FirstSevenJobs of some Seattle natives and locals.

Ben Huh, founder and former CEO of Cheezburger

Ian Eisenberg, owner of Uncle Ike’s

  • Dish washer at a retirement home
  • Bus boy/server
  • Walking sign around downtown Seattle for Pier 70
  • Parking lot attendant
  • Kingdome warehouse manager
  • Fascinations Trading Company (importation of Chinese novelty toys)
  • Psychic/chat line company owner
  • Founder Blue Frog Mobile (ringtones/wallpapers/games)
  • Founder Zevia, all natural stevia zero-calorie soda
  • Drug dealer Uncle Ike’s

Aaron Levie, CEO at Box, and Mercer Island High School grad

Renee Erickson, James-Beard award-winning chef and the owner of The Whale Wins, Bateau, and more

  1. Lawnmower
  2. Sandwich maker
  3. Barista
  4. Server
  5. Brunch cook
  6. Chef
  7. Restaurateur

Ken Jennings, Seattle resident and Jeopardy champion

Ellen Forney, local artist responsible for the “big hands” at the Capitol Hill Link station

  1. Babysitter
  2. Ice cream counter server
  3. Mail room sorter
  4. Lifeguard
  5. Chapati sandwich maker/deliverer
  6. Mental health specialist
  7. Arguably “cartoonist”? Sold my first comic — hardly a “job” — except it was the beginning of my career so, whatever.
  8. ESL teacher in Taiwan

Lisa Gilley, landscape painter from Marrowstone Island, Wash.

  1.  Commercial fisherman
  2. Back country horse guide
  3. Ski lift operator
  4. Waiter
  5. TV production assistant
  6. Graphic designer/art director
  7. Horse massage therapist

What were your first seven jobs? Share in the comments below or tweet to us @seattletimes.