Employees can go with purple, blue and other unnatural colors in their hair, and can choose “a range of subdued shirt colors,” the coffee giant says.

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Starbucks baristas can now sport purple, blue and other out-of-the-ordinary hair colors.

According to a new dress code for U.S. and Canadian employees that Starbucks unveiled Monday, unnatural hair colors are now allowed as long as the color is permanent or semi-permanent, for food-safety reasons. No temporary dyes or sprays, glitters or chalks are permitted.

Beanies, fedoras and “other suitable hats” in brown, gray or black are also now allowed, as are dark-wash jeans (previously, only black jeans were allowed.)

And baristas can now go crazy — well, sort of — with their shirt colors, as they are “invited to wear a range of subdued shirt colors beyond black and white, including gray, navy, dark denim and brown,” according to the company’s new lookbook. “Solids are your friend, and so are smaller, tighter, low-contrast patterns.”

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Previously, employees were limited to black or white shirts and khaki or black bottoms.

Some Starbucks employees have been pushing for a looser dress code. An online petition to let baristas have unnatural hair color started in November 2014 on Coworker.org, has about 14,500 signatures.

Starbucks’ dress code last made news in 2014 when it was considering lifting its ban on visible tattoos — something the company allowed starting later that year.