Starbucks has started offering its wildly popular pumpkin spice latte again. The drink isn't on the menu yet, but here's how you can order one now.

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Devotees of Starbucks’ wildly popular pumpkin spice latte are emerging from their annual months-long nightmare of living without the drink.

The pumpkin spice latte, aka the PSL, isn’t officially on the menu until Sept. 6. But pumpkin-starved fans can get a pass code from the coffee giant’s website or mobile app to show a barista and get their fix. Or — more easily — the PSL can be ordered by telling the barista you would like one.

Starbucks brewed up the idea 13 years ago. The drink, which has its own Twitter account @TheRealPSLk, was an instant hit. Starbucks has sold about 200 million of the gorde-flavored lattes, making it their best-selling seasonal beverage, according to Business Insider.

The pumpkin spice latte hasn’t avoided controversy. Last year, Starbucks started making the beverage with real pumpkin and dropped caramel coloring. The changes were made in response to criticism about using artificial ingredients.

The PSL almost never happened. The Wall Street Journal describes how Starbucks created 20 seasonal flavors. The pumpkin latte didn’t do well in field tests. But Starbucks drink developers realized the potential and stuck with the drink.

A lot of coffee shops and other chains couldn’t ignore the success of the pumpkin latte and have added similar drinks.

The pumpkinpalooza that is fall has taken over more than coffee. Pumpkin recipes are being featured on recipe boxes, restaurants are adding pumpkin to dishes, and breweries are brewing seasonal pumpkin beers.

The pumpkin-mad season is upon us. Enjoy it now — because the PSL disappears in winter.