Starbucks will no longer charge extra for five dairy alternatives in its 1,020 United Kingdom locations starting next month, though customers in the United States won’t see any relief.

Beginning Jan. 5, drinks made with almond, coconut, oat, soy or a Starbucks-branded nut milk will cost the same as those made with cow’s milk, the company said on its website. Customers in the U.S. will still have an upcharge for dairy alternatives, which varies by region but adds as much as 80 cents to a bill.

The world’s biggest coffee-shop operator has been expanding its vegetarian menu options as consumers look for ways to eat healthier with the environment in mind. The chain sells plant-based meat breakfast sandwiches from Impossible Foods in the U.S. and is trying new nondairy milks made from NotCo in Chile. In China, a key market for store growth, Starbucks recently said oat milk will be the default option for many drinks at a new “Greener Store” in Shanghai.

Starbucks confirmed the U.K. changes after the Seattle-based company was the subject of a false report earlier this month about scrapping extra fees for plant-based milks.