“We’re eating our dairy, not drinking it”

Dairy policy expert at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on the sharp decline in milk consumption that pushed the No. 1 producer into bankruptcy

“When they figure it out, they’re going to build a lot of stores.”

John Lert, CEO of grocery-automation firm Alert Innovation, on Amazon’s efforts to develop a new low-price grocery concept

“Whole Foods operating costs were like a boa constrictor choking off the operating efficiency of every store.”

Grocery and retail analyst Burt P. Flickinger III, on why Amazon needs another grocery chain

“The day of reckoning could be quite far off.”

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell urging Congress to restrain growth in the national debt

“There is room for substantial debate about whether such an experiment is likely to succeed.”

State Supreme Court, unanimously if skeptically upholding Seattle’s first-come, first-served law for renters, believed to be the first of its kind in the country