Boeing’s outlook and the unionization vote at its Charleston complex are among this week’s top quotes. So are opinions about Snapchat and climate change.

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“It’s like, ‘We can’t save the patient, but we can put his head in a jar and hope future generations can revive him.’ ”

Aviation analyst Richard Aboulafia on the nearly $30 billion in 787 production costs Boeing projects will be recouped from future revenue.


“If politicians want to exhaust themselves debating the climate, that’s their choice. I have a farm to run.”

Doug Palen, a Kansas grain farmer who’s a climate-change realist who won’t utter the words “climate change.”



“It’s the rocks many ships have crashed on.”

Erik Gordon, a professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, on Snapchat’s reliance on users under the age of 25.



“This is not the world that the internet’s inventors envisioned 25 years ago.”

Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith, talking about the rising trend of government-sponsored cyberattacks.



“I’m deeply frustrated and depressed. I figured it would be close.”

A mechanic at Boeing’s South Carolina plant

who backed the Machinists and laments

employees’ overwhelming vote against unionizing.