“He was the captain of our whole family.”

First officer Bill Records, recalling Al Haynes, the pilot who saved 184 lives by landing a badly damaged DC-10, and how the survivors stayed close in the decades since

“The money is still here, the skills are still here, and the boats are still here.”

Brian Johnson, a former Jensen Motor Boat Co. shipwright now involved in another wooden-boat enterprise

“I understand mistakes happen, but this is unbelievable.”

South Lake Union resident Ian Wathen, complaining about massive Seattle City Light bills meant to make up for years of underbilling

“You name the sport and someone is trying to be the Peloton of that.”

Venture capitalist Jed Katz, on imitators of the internet-connected stationary-cycle company Peloton

“Please don’t come.”

Costco, in an alert to members when its new Shanghai store was overwhelmed by first-day shoppers, sparking altercations and three-hour waits