The week’s business quotes range from trade to Boeing’s Charleston anti-union campaign to choosing a PepsiCo board member.

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“Try and make them as competitive as you can for the benefit of U.S. industries and jobs. But don’t denounce them, because we are relying on them.”

Dave Melcher, Aerospace Industries Association CEO, on Donald Trump’s vow to “tear up” trade treaties.


“You know what’s scary? The web of deception that the IAM continues to weave about what it could do for you.”

Boeing website campaigning against Machinist union organizing effort in South Carolina.


“If the competition implements something customers want you to implement, then you should shamelessly implement it.”

Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky, talking about the data analytics company’s rivals and his customer-first strategy.


“We want people who give us trouble and ask tough questions. I saw in Darren someone who would hold us accountable.”

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi on recruiting Ford Foundation President Darren Walker as a board member.