This week’s best business quotes come from unexpected developments — Expedia’s CEO named to run Uber, Microsoft and Amazon collaborate on Alexa and Cortana — and some less-surprising topics, too.

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“Are there difficulties? Are there complexities? Are there challenges? Absolutely, but that’s also what makes it fun.”

Dara Khosrowshahi, commenting on leaving Expedia to run troubled ride-hailing giant Uber.



“If Mars is the pinnacle of Mount Everest, low Earth orbit is base camp. The commercial companies are the sherpas that haul things there.”

Former NASA astronaut Chris Ferguson, director of crew and mission operations at Boeing, on NASA’s growing reliance on commercial launch partners.


“Whoa, I did not expect this.”

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, head of the cloud platform at Bellevue’s Acumatica, reacting to news of the Alexa-Cortana deal.



“You can imagine this becoming a big industry, but not for 90 companies.”

Consultant Michael Horn on the glut of coding boot camps.