This week’s best business quotes include controversies ranging from the ICE raids on 7-Elevens to Google’s stance on diversity and Seattle’s special deal with one Airbnb operator.

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“The employees scatter in the wind and go down the street and work for somebody else.”

A Nebraska attorney who represents businesses, criticizing the reasoning behind this week’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement crackdown on employers with undocumented workers.

“To me, that’s just straight-up corruption.”

William McClelland, a building owner who did not benefit from the special exemption to Seattle’s Airbnb limitations won by another property owner.

“There’s a long tradition of not commenting on problems with classified missions, unless it blows up in such a way that everyone can see it,”

John Logsdon, founder of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University, on the mysterious disappearance of a highly classified satellite launched by SpaceX.

“Google’s open hostility for conservative thought is paired with invidious discrimination on the basis of race and gender.”

Lawsuit filed by ex-Google engineer James Damore, who was fired last summer after criticizing the company’s diversity policies.