MADRID (AP) — A passenger ferry ran aground on an islet near the Spanish island of Ibiza, leaving a child and a man requiring hospitalization, authorities said Sunday.

Nearly 40 people were evacuated from the ferry, and Spain’s maritime rescue service said a helicopter airlifted six people, including one child, all in need of immediate medical attention.

Francina Armengol, the president of the Balearic Islands, said that one child and one man had been hospitalized.

The rescue service said that the ferry with 35 passengers plus a crew of nine emitted a call for help late Saturday after it had run aground an uninhabited islet situated outside Ibiza’s port.

A private boat retrieved 20 more people, and the Guardia Civil rescued nine more, according to the service.

The ferry was still stuck on the rocks on Sunday. No cause for the crash was immediately given.