WeConnect has raised $6 million to build technology that encourages people to stay in drug and alcohol recovery programs.

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A 3-year-old Seattle startup seeking to help people stay in drug and alcohol recovery programs has pulled in a big round of funding.

WeConnect Health has raised $6.05 million to build the next version of its app and continue expanding its team of engineers and salespeople. WeConnect last year announced it had raised $2.4 million in the financing round and extended it when more investors were interested, said CEO and co-founder Daniela Luzi Tudor.

The idea behind WeConnect’s app is to create a supportive community and incentives for people in drug and alcohol recovery treatment as a way to prevent relapses. WeConnect sells its app to recovery facilities and drug courts, which then provide it to patients as part of treatment.

The app tracks how long someone has been in recovery, compiles an inventory of completed treatment activities and provides a way to quickly alert friends and family on a designated call list if the user is in  need of  help.

WeConnect says the app helps people stay in recovery programs through  positive incentives.

App users can earn “rewards” by staying clean and completing recovery activities, such as attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. WeConnect partners with companies to offer rewards ranging from Starbucks gift cards to grocery coupons or books and movie passes. That app feature has expanded substantially in the last year, Tudor said.

The rewards can have a big impact. Tudor, who is in recovery from alcohol and cocaine addiction herself, said in the early days of her recovery she needed help with some basics. “When I got out of treatment, I was not in the best position financially, so any small kind of help was really meaningful,” she said.

One of WeConnect’s longest app users has reached more than 1,000 days of recovery with help from WeConnect, Tudor said. He now often uses the coffee gift cards he earns to treat others who are in early recovery.

WeConnect is used by thousands of patients, and about 50 treatment facilities and drug courts, which pay $999 per year per patient for the platform.

Investors in the financing round include Fred Luddy, founder of California cloud company Service Now, and Andrew Wilkinson, founder of Metalab in Canada, as well as other tech executives.