Vievu makes cameras used by more than 4,000 law-enforcement agencies across 17 countries. It was bought by The Safariland Group in Jacksonville, Fla.

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A Seattle company that manufactures body cameras worn by police officers has been acquired by a global provider of law-enforcement and safety products.

The company, Vievu, was bought by Jacksonville, Fla.-based Safariland Group in a deal announced Monday. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“This transaction will accelerate Vievu’s growth and the adoption of its technology,” Scott O’Brien, president of The Safariland Group, said in a news release. “I am confident that it will also further solidify Safariland’s leadership position in the industry and extend our offering of safety and survivability products for the law enforcement community.”

Vievu manufactures and markets body-worn video cameras specifically geared toward law- enforcement, military and tactical professionals. It also sells hosted and on-site data-management software.

Vievu cameras are used by more than 4,000 law-enforcement agencies across 17 countries. Its smaller camera, which also can stream live video to smartphones, retails for $349.99.

“As demand for body-worn cameras continues to increase, this strategic partnership with Safariland will provide us with the resources and deep industry experience to support the expansion of our platform,” Steve Ward, president of Vievu, said in the release. Ward was a 13-year veteran of the Seattle Police Department.

The Safariland Group manufactures and sells a wide range of products designed for the law-enforcement, military and outdoor markets. It offers these products, which include firearm accessories, forensic products, body armor and other wares, through 32 brands.

 “From a cultural perspective, Safariland and Vievu are well aligned, as both companies are built around creating products that save lives and keep law enforcement officers safe,” Warren B. Kanders, chairman and CEO of The Safariland Group, said in the release.

Vievu, which has 20 employees, will continue to function as a stand-alone company within Safariland’s brands. It will also remain headquartered in Seattle and will be led by the current management team.

“We are committed to meaningfully investing in Vievu to help the company achieve its full potential,” O’Brien said in the release.