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MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed an international tribunal’s ruling against it for seizing a Greenpeace ship as encouraging criminal behavior.

The Hague-based court on Tuesday ordered Russia to pay damages and costs of nearly 5.4 million euros ($6.2 million) to the Netherlands for unlawfully seizing a Greenpeace ship protesting at an oil platform in Arctic waters. The Arctic Sunrise, sailing under a Dutch flag, was seized by Russia in 2013 during a protest against an offshore oil platform.

Artyom Kozhin, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, told reporters Thursday that Russia does not recognize the court’s jurisdiction in the case and said the ruling ignores legal precedents of “irresponsible actions at sea.”

Kozhin said, by ruling in Greenpeace’s favor, the court “has essentially encouraged criminal actions” that endangered the platform’s staff.