Washington state will be among the first to get lockers, which typically will be outside convenience stores or other retailers and be accessible 24 hours a day.

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UPS is installing lockers to make it easier for people to pick up their packages, and Washington state will be one of the first to get them.

After testing pickup lockers at nine locations in Chicago, United Parcel Service now plans to expand the lockers to 300 locations nationwide.

The so-called “UPS Access Point” lockers are usually outside of convenience stores or other retailers and accessible 24 hours a day. UPS is working with 7-Eleven and independent stores to offer the lockers.

Online retailers can list the locker delivery addresses in their checkout process, according to UPS.

The lockers, which began a staggered rollout last month, will initially be available in Washignton, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

UPS does not yet have information on specific locations of lockers in Washington or when they will be in place. A number of the locations are still being negotiated, according to a UPS spokesperson.

The lockers expand the UPS Access Point program, which, up until now, had largely included local retailers, such as grocery stores, dry cleaners and convenience stores. Those retailers — 8,000 to date — could receive and temporarily store UPS packages on premises until the customer picks them up.

UPS delivery drivers could then leave a delivery notice for the customer indicating that the package could be picked up at that Access Point location, saving the driver from having to make a second or third delivery attempt, and the customer from having to be home to wait for the package.

The self-serve lockers were popularized by Amazon.com, which launched its Amazon Locker program in 2011.