Kaufman Realty, the New York landlord for Macy’s, says it hasn’t been in communication with Amazon.com about advertising on a billboard at the Macy’s flagship department store in Herald Square. 

Macy’s is suing its landlord for what it says are plans to lease the billboard to a “prominent online retailer,” with the belief that the interested party is Amazon, a major competitor. Bloomberg previously reported the legal dispute, but didn’t receive comment from Kaufman at the time. 

Macy’s competitors are prohibited from advertising on the billboard under an agreement signed in 1963, according to the filing. 

“While the restrictive covenant will be up to a judge to make a decision, we want to make it clear that we’ve had no communication or negotiations with Amazon relating to the 1313 Broadway space,” said a Kaufman spokesperson, referring to the billboard. 

Amazon did not respond to a request for comment.