The store is being heralded by its operator as JNBY’s first in the U.S., but it comes on the heels of a short-lived store in New York.

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JNBY, a big Chinese fashion retailer, now has its shingle hanging at Pacific Place mall.

The brand has more than 700 stores, mostly in China, but some in Europe, Asia and Canada. Its store here is being heralded by SightClassic LLC, the Seattle retailing company that runs the location, as JNBY’s first in the U.S.

But it’s more complicated than that: The brand had a pop-up store in New York’s SoHo in 2009, which according to media reports, a few months later turned into something more permanent. That experiment failed: It closed after two years, according to retail website Racked.

Perhaps it’ll fare better in Seattle, where the recent visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping highlighted growing economic ties with the Asian superpower.

SightClassic says it’s JNBY’s “fully authorized distributor” in the U.S., and that it operates an online JNBY store on Amazon. On Thursday, however, the website featured no products for sale.