The 65 employees may be able to find jobs at area Safeway stores, which are owned by the same company.

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Albertsons is closing its Bellingham store on May 7 and laying off its 65 employees there.

The Boise-based supermarket chain is working with those employees to find opportunities at other stores where they will maintain their same seniority and benefits, said Sara Osborne, a company spokeswoman.

The union representing the employees has worked out an agreement to have workers be able to move to Safeway stores in the area and keep their seniority, said Tom Geiger, spokesman for United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) 21.

Albertsons and Safeway merged in 2015.

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“That process will take some time and we’ll see how it goes,” Geiger said.

Osborne did not give a reason for the store closure, nor did she respond to a question about whether the closure is related to the bankruptcy of supermarket chain Haggen, which is auctioning off many of its stores.

Last year, Bellingham-based Haggen, as part of a massive West Coast expansion, acquired 146 stores that federal regulators had said Albertsons and Safeway must divest in order to proceed with their merger.

But Haggen soon ran into trouble and has auctioned off nearly all of those stores, and will hold an auction to test buyer demand for its core stores. Albertsons was the winning bidder for some of those stores at an earlier auction.