The average monthly payment for an auto loan is between $500 to $525 — and some people can save roughly 10 percent a month.

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Going out to buy a new or used car later this summer? Ever imagine that you might want to refinance that car loan soon after you buy a car?

Most of us only think about refinancing when it comes to a mortgage. But credit unions and banks will give you a chance for a redo on a car loan, too.

On average, consumers saved $52 a month by refinancing car loans when they wanted to reduce their payments, according to a Trans­Union study of 1.5 million refinanced car loans in 2013 and 2014. On average, consumers reduced the interest rate by 2.4 percent.

The average monthly payment for an auto loan is between $500 to $525 — meaning some could save roughly 10 percent a month.

Never heard of anyone refinancing a car loan? You’re not alone.

TransUnion’s research indicated that nearly two-thirds of major lenders offer refinancing programs for auto loans. But many times you cannot spot such offers easily online, said Brian Landau, senior vice president and automotive business leader at TransUnion, which reviewed information on 1.5 million refinanced auto loans originated in 2013 and 2014.

Sometimes, Landau said, there’s been a reluctance to go after another lender’s customers when it comes to car loans.

If you do a Google search on refinancing car loans, though, you do see names of lenders pop up, including Capital One and PNC Bank.

At PNC Bank, for example, consumers can apply online, on the phone, via a mobile phone or at a branch.

Depending on applicant’s qualifications and credit history, the consumer could be approved for a refinance car loan in as little as 30 seconds, according to a PNC spokesperson.

As new car sales slow down, TransUnion maintains that lenders could grow their business by promoting refinancing car loans.

Some consumers, too, could save real cash.

“I think it’s a huge opportunity for people to lower their monthly payments, but most people don’t know they can do it,” said Hank Hubbard, president of One Detroit Credit Union.