Looking for a bigger home? A better view? Ten or 11 more bathrooms? Then this is the deal for you.

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SPOKANE — Looking for a bigger home? A better view? Ten or 11 more bathrooms? Then this is the deal for you: a 28,500-square-foot manse with 13 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a 10-car garage and three docks on the Spokane River. A saltwater pool. A tennis court. A home theater. An outdoor kitchen area that is larger than most indoor kitchens. The sale listing compares it to Disneyland.

“It’s incredible,” says real-estate agent John Beutler.

All for a monthly mortgage payment of $83,000 and change. At $20 million, the mansion on the river may not be the most expensive waterfront home ever sold in Kootenai County. But if it’s not, Beutler hasn’t heard of the pricier one. Even Duane Hagadone’s Stanley Hill house — originally listed at $27 million — is priced at $17 million.

“Three or four million around here is a lot of money for a house,” Beutler said.

The mansion is sometimes known as “the Amway home.” It was built in the mid-1990s by Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear, a local couple who made a fortune in Amway and related businesses. The Puryears did not want to be interviewed, but Beutler said they decided to sell it for estate purposes.

“They just want to simplify,” he said.

The gargantuan home has not been the Puryears’ primary residence for many years; it seemed to exist mostly as an example to Amway strivers of all they could achieve. The couple wrote about their home on the website of a company they formed, World Wide Dream Builders:

“Ron had a vision several years ago. He wanted to build a masterpiece not just for his family, but for all World Wide Dream Builders IBOs (independent business owners), as a testament to how dreams can and do come true.

“Over the years, Ron’s dream has become a reality. What is now called ‘The Riverhouse’ is a grandiose family compound … on view acreage above the Spokane River. The Riverhouse has four separate residences (for he and Georgia Lee, each of their two children’s families, and a full-time resident overseer), a weight room, private theater, virtual skeet-shooting and golf, outdoor putting green, a basketball court, tennis court, and a pool area that rivals any luxury resort.

“But like most dreams, this one needed to be shared. That’s why they open their home to all IBOs who meet the ‘River Rendezvous’ qualifications. Why? Because dreams do come true, and the Puryears believe in sharing theirs.”