Seattle's tallest five buildings may be eclipsed by a 94-story edifice planned by a Miami developer, Crescent Heights.

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A Miami developer’s plan to build a record-high skyscraper in downtown Seattle was scaled back from 101 stories to merely 94. Still, at 1,029 feet, the tower would dwarf every building in Seattle by nearly 100 feet.

Here are Seattle’s five tallest skyscrapers, starting at the top.

♦ For more than 30 years, the 76-story Columbia Center tower has been Seattle’s tallest building, reaching 937 feet into the sky. Completed in 1985 by developer Martin Selig, the tower was recently sold to Hong Kong investors. In 1995, a medical student parachuted from the building, but the jump didn’t go well. The wind twice slammed him into the side of the building, and he took a rough landing on a lower roof. He fractured his skull in the jump, but survived.

♦ At 55 stories and 772 feet, 1201 Third Avenue is the second-tallest building in Seattle. The tower, which was known for much of its life as the Washington Mutual building, was constructed in 1988. The tower sold for nearly $550 million in 2012. For many years, the WAMU building played host to Seattle’s most-stimulating soap opera. Rare peregrine falcons began nesting and raising their young on a WAMU perch in 1994. The baby falcons even got their own web cam. Unfortunately, their lives were filled with tragedy. In 1994, the mother of three peregrine falcons crashed and died. The chicks had to be rescued. In 2008, several chicks were killed when their brains were attacked by bacteria.

♦ The Two Union Square building was competed in 1989 with 56 floors and 740 feet of vertical rise. Apple is rumored to be one of its most recent tenants.

♦ The city of Seattle owns the fourth-tallest building in the region: Seattle Municipal Tower rises to 722 feet. The city purchased the 62-floor building in 1996.

♦ Seattle’s tallest building until 1985 (it was surpassed by Columbia Center) was Safeco Plaza. Its 50 stories ascend 630 feet from ground level.