The property manager for a new micro-unit complex in the University District also says a curtain will be added to divide the toilet from the rest of the living space.

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When an ad for a new Seattle apartment the size of a parking space was widely circulated on the web this week, it was called a “prison cell” and criticized for having a toilet that wasn’t even behind its own door.

But on Thursday, the landlord for the new building said the response to the ad has been encouraging.

“We have many candidates interested in the unit,” said Zerky Liang, property manager for Seattle-based WPI Real Estate, which is managing the building.

At $750 a month, the micro-unit is one of the cheapest private living spaces in Seattle, where rents have risen 41 percent since the start of 2013.

The ad featured a 130-square-foot studio all contained in one room: the toilet, shower and sink were open to the rest of the living space. But Liang said they are now adding a divider — either a sliding door or a curtain — to separate the bathroom facilities from the rest of the unit.

“Our client and their developer had this building constructed with the thoughts of offering affordable housing in a high-rent market,” Liang said. “It is an alternative to a rooming house, essentially.”

City and county officials say the building is up-to-code, even without the bathroom divider, because the homes don’t contain anywhere to prepare food.

The 5,640-square-foot building on Seventh Avenue NE contains 23 units ranging from 130 to 200 square feet each, with rents ranging from $750 to $1,000 a month. There is a communal kitchen area in the building for the tenants to share.