July wasn't short on surprises in the Seattle region's real-estate market, but as bad as we seem to have it, it's still not as bad as San Francisco.

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July wasn’t short on surprises in the Seattle region’s real-estate market.

Farms are now hot properties; half a million dollars gets you a mold-infested tear-down, and maybe not much more; the average Seattle home price has taken on the sign of the devil.

But there’s some potentially good news buried in there: The local housing market might be cooling somewhat and, as bad as we seem to have it, it’s still not as bad as San Francisco.

We’re wrapping up all of our July real-estate stories in this space so you can impress your friends, wow your family and be the toast of your next cocktail party with your insight into the local housing market.

You can also use it as a crib sheet for the Reddit AMA that we’re hosting on Wednesday, Aug. 3 at noon. Seattle Times real estate reporter Mike Rosenberg will be on hand to field your questions.

San Francisco’s northernmost suburb?

Will Seattle really become the next San Francisco?

Despite our real-estate angst, Seattle remains much more affordable than San Francisco and is building more homes. But many worry that we’re headed to the same extremes.

Why I had to flee my $2,600 Bay Area rental for Seattle’s ‘cheaper’ pastures

Listening to people in Seattle complain about rents reminds me of the chatter around San Francisco. But to my mind, the prices here aren’t in the same ballpark yet.

Home is where the house is

How Seattle’s priciest home for sale got a $0 property tax bill

A unique Capitol Hill mansion is listed at $15 million, but it comes property-tax-free thanks largely to an obscure state law.

Seattle home too dangerous to enter sells for $427,000 after ‘insane’ bidding war

After 41 offers, a mold-infested West Seattle home with collapsing floors and ceilings sold for more than double the asking price.

3 different values for 3 homes baffle Kirkland neighbors

Three houses in a Kirkland subdivision, all built about the same time by the same developer with the same upscale finishes, were assigned widely varying values by the King County assessor.

Hope Solo lists Kirkland home for sale, right after calling it ‘the place I’m happiest’

The star soccer goalie aims to make a 54 percent profit, but it’s a mystery why she would sell it just days after telling the world how much she loves being there.

Historic Everett building is on the move again

The Weyerhaeuser Building has stood tall in Everett for 93 years, though not always in the same place. Now it is moving for the third and, it is hoped, final time.

By the numbers

Seattle-area home market hits new peak but shows signs of possible cooling

Seattle’s monthly home price increase is now just slightly ahead of the national average, after it was double the U.S. rate the previous two months.

Latest Washington real-estate gold rush: farms

Prices for high-quality farmland across the state are up 47 percent in the last four years, mirroring similar increases in home prices and rents.

Seattle rents now growing faster than in any other U.S. city

Rents in the Seattle area are rising about four times faster than the national average and have topped $2,000 a month.

Seattle’s devilish new home-price record: $666,000

The typical house in Seattle now costs 74 percent more than it did in 2011. Across King County, the median home price is up 66 percent over those five years.

New state wage numbers show pay lags way behind housing costs

2015 saw the second-slowest pay growth in the past five years in Washington.

Advice and analysis

Housing bubble or not? Signs here not clear — yet

The rapidly climbing price of Seattle homes could be the symptom of a real-estate bubble, or proof of a strong economy. Columnist Jon Talton looks at the arguments.

Rent or buy? The question that never seems to go away

The rent-versus-buy issue has spawned an extraordinary number of online calculators, but a calculator analysis of costs and benefits has some drawbacks.

City’s attempt to deal with affordable housing

Seattle ranked high among the major markets with “severe unaffordability” for middle-income people. Columnist Jon Talton notes that measures to make housing more affordable are bound to stir a lot of debate.

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